Eric Wallace

Eric Wallace is a current DMA student at the University of North Texas, a former student of Jan Kagarice and currently studying trombone with Darren McHenry. He has been a Research assistant and is the current teaching assistant at the Texas Center for Performing Arts Health. He has a Bachelor’s of Music from California State University, Northridge, and a Master’s of Music from UNT. As an undergrad, he developed and suffered for several years from a playing disorder, but was able to successfully return to healthy playing under Jan’s careful guidance. Having experienced firsthand the pains of unhealthy playing, he is working with Dr. Chesky in the TCPAH to research the health problems of musicians in an effort to prevent them in others. With the help of Derek Klinge, he has launched the Trombone Health Survey, which is currently the largest epidemiological survey of the trombone population. Currently working a second publication from this data, he has also presented a poster on the results and co-lead a workshop on the construction of online surveys at the Performing Arts Medicine Association’s annual Symposium in Aspen, CO.