PhD in Music - Concentration in Performing Arts Health Handbook

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree with a Major in Music and a Concentration in Performing Arts Health requires a minimum of 90 semester hours beyond the bachelor's degree. Of these 90 hours, at least 60 must be taken at UNT. Twenty-four hours may be transferred from other institutions with the approval of the coordinator of Performing Arts Health. A master's degree from an accredited institution usually is accepted in lieu of the first 30 hours.

The minimum residence requirement for the doctoral program consists of two consecutive long semesters (fall and the following spring, or spring and the following fall) with a minimum load of 9 hours during each term.

It should be understood that the Doctor of Philosophy degree cannot be earned by routine work alone, regardless of accuracy or amount. The degree will be conferred on the basis of mastery of the field of music as a whole and of proven ability to plan and carry out an original investigation with distinction.