I. General Information

1. Admissions

Students must fulfill all admission requirements specified on the UNT College of Music Admissions Website.

2. Entrance Exams and Transcript Evaluations

All incoming graduate students must take the Graduate Placement Examinations in Music History and Music Theory during orientation week of their first semester. Certain exceptions apply. Click here for more information.

Graduate Placement Examinations All College of Music graduate students must take the Graduate Placement Exams (GPE) during orientation of the first semester in which you are enrolled as a graduate student. Students receiving a score under minimum threshold will be assigned review course(s). Review courses assigned due to the results of the GPE do not count towards your degree and must be taken in the first semester in which they are available. The results of the GPE will be posted on the College of Music GPE Grade Center, which is listed as an "Organization" on Canvas, by noon on the Thursday before the first day of class.

Exceptions to Taking the Graduate Placement Exams  UNT College of Music continuing students (undergraduate to master's or master's to doctoral) are required to take only the Analysis portion of the GPE in music theory. Some incoming students are exempt from portions or the entirety of the GPE in Music History. They will be informed of this exemption by the Graduate Studies Office.

Planning Your First Semester During orientation and the week before classes, you will plan your course schedule for the fall semester and begin working on your degree plan in consultation with faculty advisory committee from TCPAH and the Graduate Academic Counselor, Dr. Colleen Conlon. We urge you to meet with both of them before finalizing your course schedule for the fall. Before meeting with them, however, please familiarize yourself with this Handbook for academic requirements associated with your degree plan and the Graduate Catalog as well as with the Fall 2019 Schedule of Classes. Graduate-level courses begin with 5xxx or 6xxx. Remember to register with the 4- or 5-digit class number, not the course prefix and catalog number. International students will not be allowed to register until you arrive on campus and attend both the College of Music and the UNT-International orientations. If you are required to take the review courses, based on the results of your GPE, you are encouraged to take these courses in your 1st Fall semester.  This will allow you to stay on-track with your core concentration courses.

3. Assistantships, Fellowships, and Other Financial Aid Opportunities

Teaching Assistantships Teaching assistantships and fellowships in Performing Arts Health are awarded according to the policies and procedures outlined in the UNT College of Music Faculty Handbook, section 5.6 (click here). Teaching assistantships are normally offered at the time of admission. Prospective or current students interested in applying for an assistantship should contact the Performing Arts Health faculty. Assuming they perform satisfactorily as TAs and make progress toward their degrees, students can expect three years of funding.

Academic Achievement Scholarships  Academic Achievement Scholarships (from the Toulouse Graduate School) provide $1,000 scholarships to newly admitted doctoral students and allow recipients to be eligible for in-state tuition. Click here for more information.

4. Faculty Mentor and Degree Plan

Students should consult with TCPAH faculty as they prepare a tentative plan to meet the degree requirements. The student must submit this degree plan, approved by the faculty mentor, to the College of Music Graduate Studies Office by the completion of twelve hours of study (usually at the end of the student’s first year). (Click here for the PhD Degree Plan.) All changes to the degree plan must be submitted in writing on the Graduate Degree Plan Change Form approved by the faculty mentor or major professor and the Director of Graduate Studies.

Degree requirements are determined by the Graduate Catalog in force at the time the degree plan is approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. Degree plans may not be filed in the term/semester a student plans to graduate.