V. Dissertation

1. Description

The culmination of the doctoral work is a dissertation of appropriate scope, quality, and originality. The student will form a dissertation committee in consultation with the major professor. The student will, in consultation with their committee, develop a dissertation proposal and submit it to the Performing Arts Health Advisory Committee (PAHAC). Specific guidelines for this process are available as an appendix to this handbook.  Upon approval by the PAHAC, the student will proceed with completing their research and accompanying document. Students should note that any dissertation project using human subjects will require IRB approval before any data collection begins.

When the dissertation is completed, the student will present a summary of the dissertation in a public forum followed by a closed oral examination by the advisory committee. Final copies of the dissertation must be placed in the hands of their advisory committee at least two weeks before the scheduled oral examination. After all revisions are made, a final copy is due in the College of Music Graduate Office two weeks prior to the Toulouse Graduate School submission deadline.

2. Dissertation Examination Committee

The dissertation examination committee will have three to five members: two from the Performing Arts Health faculty (one of whom will serve as the major professor), one representing the related field, and possibly additional members from the university or broader academic community to be selected with consultation with the major professor.

The student must fill out the Committee Designation Form, seek the appropriate signatures, and file it with the Office of Graduate Studies.  This committee will oversee the writing of the student’s dissertation.

The advisory committee should be selected and approved by the time the student has completed 12 hours of course work.