We Mean Clean

Information for Parents

Since students can be exposed to high sound levels, repetitive motions, and demanding vocalizations when learning music, they must be aware, knowledgeable, and competent to manage these activities in order to prevent health-related concerns. As parents with children who are learning and performing music, it’s also important that you are aware and knowledgeable about health concerns related to music. Similar to what you might consider when your child is enrolled in school-based athletic activities, healthy behaviors in music are important to your child’s health and safety.

In light of COVID-19, teaching students about healthy behaviors becomes especially relevant because it is possible for an instrument to contain harmful contaminants. Therefore, if your child owns or leases an instrument, they should learn how to clean an instrument in a way that is both age-appropriate and not damaging to the instrument.  While no one expects that your child will be able to thoroughly clean or decontaminate a musical instrument, the educational videos provided here are intended to encourage awareness and a sense of personal responsibility.

As a parent, we encourage you to assist your child during the cleaning process and to take extra precautions when returning any school-owned instruments or other materials at the end of the school year. Simply wiping down the instrument case with a Clorox or Lysol wipe (or warm soap and water taking care not to get water inside the case) can aid in reducing the transmission of bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. In addition, we encourage all parents to follow your school’s instrument check-in procedures to ensure that all parties are able to maintain social distancing to ensure health and safety.


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