We Mean Clean

Information for Teachers

These extraordinary times cause general concerns for the cleanliness of everyday items. As a result, students may attempt to clean instruments. This is good but they may not know what is appropriate or that certain approaches and or cleaners can cause damage. Therefore, the We Mean Clean project team developed a series of instructional videos for teaching students how to properly clean their musical instruments at home.

Step-by-step cleaning protocols were created under the direction of UNT Instrument repair specialists, UNT public health faculty, and experts at the Center for Disease Control. To increase student buy-in, high school musicians from UNT Texas Academy of Math and Sciences were recruited to demonstrate these cleaning protocols. In addition, these materials are intended to be used by all student musicians in 6th-12th grade.

Videos are located in the student block of this website and organized according to instrument.  While students may simply view these videos, we recommend they be incorporated into an assignment or lesson plan. For example:

  1. Students watch the video for their instrument and submit photos or videos of themselves following the instructions. 

  2. Students also watch the video for another instrument and then compare and contrast the differences in cleaning techniques. 

  3. Students teach an adult in their house how to clean their instrument. 

In the future, our team would like to develop a dynamic archive of lesson plans that include these materials for music educators. If you develop lesson plans using our resources, please submit them via email at tcpah@unt.edu so we can include them in our archive.

It is important to note that the CDC does not currently have recommendations in place for the sanitization or sterilization of musical instruments. Therefore, these video resources are only intended to provide a basic cleaning that helps keep instruments in good working order and free from harmful buildup.

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