Information for Fine Arts Administrators

Support from Fine Arts Administrators is critical as educators from the music and other fine art disciplines continue to work on addressing the Health & Fine Arts TEKS in secondary classrooms. From our work with Denton ISD, we have seen the influence that Fine Arts Administrators can have on educators in a district. Knowing that administrators are eager to support novel approaches to classroom instruction, partner with local performing arts health professionals, and host professional development activities has enabled educators to feel more prepared to discuss these concepts with students. This support is necessary to continue to build fine arts programs that keep students safe while engaging in performing and learning their craft.

Students who are exposed to the information discussed in the Health & Fine Arts TEKS can use this information as they engage in other activities like attending arena concerts or working in environments that require repetitive movements. As a Fine Arts Administrator, we implore you to consider the ramifications of embedding these concepts into the context of fine arts instruction as having potential impacts for young students that go well-beyond the classroom environment.



As our center continues to build resources to support this effort, we hope you will join us in supporting the needs of fine arts educators as they work to meet this novel challenge in the classroom.

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