Setting the Stage: Conversations in Performing Arts Health

What is Performing Arts Health? How does research work? Where can I get involved? Join us at Setting the Stage: Conversations in Performing Arts Health, a new webinar produced by the Texas Center for Performing Arts Health (TCPAH) where we explore these questions and more. Our team will interview Performing Arts Health researchers from around the world, diving deep into the methodologies, results, and future directions of research in the field. Our goal is to spread the word about the exciting research being conducted in PAH, and to inspire the next generation of researchers to join this multidisciplinary field.

Setting the Stage Conversations Team

Faculty Advisors

  • Kris Chesky
  • Sajid Surve

Project Team

  • Brian McGoldrick, Project Manager
  • Ryan Gamble, Host
  • Xiaoyue Liu, International Correspondent
  • Nathanie Ash-Morgan, Video Producer
  • Nabeel Zuhdi, Website Coordinator



Doctoral student Nabeel Zuhdi talks about his recently published study entitled “Occupational Health Problems of Classical Guitarists”

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